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The lesser-known facts about Dwarkadheesh Temple

Well-known for its cultural and historical diversity, India is the Land of Shrines, portraying reverence for different religions and beliefs thriving that teaches the whole world ‘unity in diversity’.

Amongst all the prominent places and cities, Dwarka is the land of Lord Krishna, and a Hindu pilgrimage site. The Dwarkadheesh Temple is located in Gujarat one of the most holy place, named after Lord Krishna, also famously called as Dwarkadhish or Jagannath.

Hindu mythologists believed that the temple in its original form was constructed by Vajranabh, the Great Grandson of Lord Krishna. Not just that, it’s conjectured that the location of this temple is 2,500 years old and is where Lord Krishna built his city and a temple.

  • Did you know that The Dwarkadish temple has two dwars(gates)? The Swarga Dwar is known as the gateway to heaven, meanwhile The Moksha Dwar is the gate to liberation and each and every devotee who enter the temple has to climb 56 stairs to enter the gate of heaven and later, exit through the gate of liberation.


  • Many of us are not even aware about the fact that the original city, built by Lord Krishna got submerged in the sea. According to the legends, an underwater excavation that took place a few years ago confirmed that there were architectural remains under the sea and it has been said that Lord Krishna was meditating under a tree in a forest at Bhalka Tirtha, where he was accidentally shot by an arrow and he left for heavenly abode. After his death, there was a flood in the city and everything submerged into the ocean eventually.


  • In addition to that, Rukmani, the wife of Lord Krishna resides in her temple 2 KM away from Dwarkadheesh Temple as she was cursed by Durvasha Rishi to stay away from Dwarkadhish. Which is why the Temple is 2 KM away from Dwarkadheesh Temple.


  • The Dwarkadhish temple, also known as Jagat Mandir is known as one of the four dhams of worship which were visited by Adi Shankaracharya back in the 8th century and the other char dhams were Badrinath, Rameshwaram, and Puri.


Every year, millions of devotees visit Dwarkashish Temple to celebrate the Birthday of Lord Krishna and seek blessings. According to Temple officials, approximately one million visitors including foreigners visit the temple during Janamshtmi and the region is decorated like a queen on occasion, with the aspirant devotees flooded with love for Lord. The temple also has a museum where historical age- sculptures supporting mythological facts are kept and it is a must visit site, once in a lifetime.

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