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Best beaches of Dwarka

The ancient city of Dwarka is widely famous as a pilgrimage site for the Hindus. Believed as the hometown of Lord Krishna, the original city was considered drowned in the ocean but nothing has been scientifically proved yet. Although we cannot have enough of the numerous temples showcasing Hindu traditions and cultures there is a lot more on offer when visiting Dwarka. Dwarka is known for its beaches and water sports too. The underwater marine life is one hell of a lot of experience here. Some of the beaches near Dwarka are:


Chorwad beach

Located 200kms away from Dwarka, Chorwad beach is famous for its royal history and turquoise blue water. The beach is named after Chorwad palace which was owned by nawabs of Junagadh. The palace has now been transformed into a five-star resort that connects the natural beauty to this royal history, and thus the beach has become a tourist attraction.


Jamnagar beach

The beaches in Jamnagar are somewhat hidden from the tourists. But the beach has been mentioned in several books around the world globally cause of its shore. In the 1400s, when the polish sailed to India, they settled their camps on the same beach. One of the local attractions is also the golf course nearby.


Dwarka beach

Dwarka Beach is located on the banks of river Rukmani and is extremely beautiful. It is situated near the famous Dawarkadish temple and is a must-visit place nearby. You would find the old carvings and sculptures that were created before the birth of Christ still on the rocks there. The beach is situated 2km from the center of the city. Apart from archaeological and natural beauty, you would see a bit of marine life here too. This beach is home to exotic fishes and several birds fly across during the sunrise and sunset.


Beyt Dwarka beach

A small island with great historical importance, Beyt Dwarka beach is also situated in Dwarka. Before the development of Okha, this beach was the center of trade and export for Gujrat. Also known as beach Beyt Sankhodar, this place can be reached by taking a jetty from Okha.

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