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Nearby Attractions


Dwarkadhish Temple

Also known as the Jagat Mandir, Dwarkadish Temple is dedicated to Hindu Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is worshipped here by the name of Dwarkadish - King of Dwarka. The temple complex has a main shrine in a 5-story building is supported by 72 pillars, and is believed to be 2000-2200 years old. Since it is a Pushtimarg Temple, it follows the guidelines of Vallabhacharaya and Vitheleshnath. As per the legends, Dwarka was built by Lord Krishna over a piece of land reclaimed from the sea.


Beyt Dwarka

Situated 3 km off the coast of Okha, Gujarat, Beyt Dwarka or Shankodhar is believed to be a part of Dvārakā in Indian epic literature, the abode of Krishna. Archaelogical remains discovered under the sea depict an ancient civilisation settlement. Tourists can visit this place by ferry from Okha.


Dwarka Beach

Dwarka beach is a perfect place to unwind in the evenings, and is visited by both international as well as domestic tourists. Though there are a number of beaches in Dwarka, but your trip is incomplete without visiting the Dwarka Beach. Prominent for its white sand and turquoise waters, it offers a perfect setting for a rejuvenating break from the busy city life


Lighthouse Dwarka

With an area of 18000 sq. metres, Lighthouse Dwarka is one of the major tourist attractions in the city apart from the temples. Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, it is open for visitors from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, with an advance permission from the operator. Providing a soothing environment for the visitors, it offers panoramic views of the surroundings at the evening time.


Ghomti Ghat

Located at the mouth of River Gomati, it falls within the holy city of Dwarka. In order to reach the ghat, the visitors have to take a step-down route of 56 steps from the Dwarkadeesh Temple's Swarna Dwar. The Ghat holds a great religious significance to its name, as it is believed to wash away all the mortal sins. Another spiritual fact related to Ghomti Ghat is that it is close to a number of holy shrines including those of Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, and Sudama.